Origin Bi-Fold Doors – FAQS

As well as being a manufacturer and installer of high quality PVC window and doors systems, as well as composite doors and sliding sash windows, Aire Valley Glass has been a supplier and installer of Origin aluminium Bi-Folds since 2016. We chose Origin as we believe it offers the best combination or performance, style and value for money.

We get asked a lot of questions about Bi-Fold doors  –  Which brand is best? How do they differ? Is a cheaper brand worth the saving, or is it better to pay for a premium brand? A few of the most commonly-asked questions are shown below:

1. How secure are Bi-Fold doors?

Origin  Bi-Fold doors are one of the most secure systems currently on the market, and have passed PAS23/24 tests. They come with a unique 8 point locking system, with deep-set security hooks, and are fitted with high security locking cylinders. The hinges are solid cast zinc and have been designed to withstand attack. So there is no reason why a Bi-Fold door will be any less secure than the alternatives.

2.How do Bi-Folding Doors work?

Bi-Folds work by folding upon themselves and then glising along a track at the top and bottom of the frame. It depends on the configuration of the doors as to whether they all fold in one direction, if they fold out from the centre, or if you have a primary ‘traffic’ door as the main point of entry and exit. Whichever way they are configured, the engineered carriage and wheel system ensures a quiet and efficient operation with the minimum of effort.

3. What are the benefits of an Origin Bi-Folding door compared to a timber or PVC system?

There are many benefits to aluminium, which can be briefly summarised as follows:

  • Less maintenance than timber
  • Stonger material means larger glass panes are possible
  • Open in or out configurations are possible, all weather-rated
  • over 100 different colour options
  • Flush-fitting doors give more aesthetically pleasing sightlines than PVC
  • Finger-safe gaskets
  • Corner Bi-Folds possible

4. How thin are the frames?

The frames on Origin doors measure 75mm front to back and 72mm wide for each individual sash. Our showroom display door down at Sutton-in-Craven shows exactly what the finished framework will look like, and is available to view during opening hours.

5. What makes Origin stand out from other aluminium Bi-Folds?

Simply put – Origin Bi-Folds are a premium Bi-Folding door system that is good value for money. The frames are thin and strong, the furniture and mechanisms are robust and secure, they offer a 20 year guarantee (when your register your door on the Origin website) and, when you order from Aire Valley Glass, you get the reassurance of a professional installation and the backup we pride ourselves on, should you ever need it. 

If you would like a quote on an Origin door please give us a call, or to see one call in to our showroom at Sutton-in-Craven, Keighley.