Glass Products

Pilkington K Glass

Pilkington K Glass™ is a low emissivity coated glass which  has been established for more than 20 years making it the trusted solution for meeting energy efficiency Building Regulations.

Pilkington K Glass™ usually forms the inner pane of an Insulating Glass Unit.  The coating reflects heat back into the room whilst also letting in free heat from the sun known as passive solar gain. Pilkington K Glass™ helps windows to achieve high Window Energy Ratings to demonstrate compliance with energy saving Building Regulations Part L.

How Pilk K Works

  • Recognised by the Energy Saving Trust as a significantly effective measure for achieving energy efficiency hence savings on fuel bills.
  • Ideal for conservatories – helps to keep an unheated conservatory comfortable for a greater part of the year than ordinary double glazing allowing you to make the most of your conservatory all year round.
  • Helps to achieve high Window Energy Ratings when combined in a suitable framing system
  • Easily helps to meet and exceed the requirements of Building Regulations concerning energy efficiency
  • Can be toughened or laminated for safety and greater security.
  • Can be combined with other Pilkington products such as Pilkington Activ™ or Pilkington Activ™ Blue for self-cleaning and solar control

Windows incorporating Pilkington K Glass™ allow heat from the sun through and keep heat inside, making it easier and more cost effective to keep buildings warm.

High-Performance A-Rated windows

As well as our standard range of K-glass windows, all of which meet or exceed current building regulations, we are approved suppliers of Planitherm energy-efficient glass.

Planitherm Total + is one of the most energy efficient glass types in the UK. It has been specially designed to help home reduce energy consumption and save money on heating bills.

The main benefits of our A-Rated Planitherm windows are as follows:

Energy Savings – Improvement in the energy efficiency of your home
Winter Comfort – The amount of heat lost is reduced and helps to eliminate cold areas around your windows
Comfort & Aesthetics – Reduces the incidence of condensation on the inner pane and has a neutral appearance

More information can be found here – Planitherm Total +

Self-Cleaning and Solar Control Glass

Pilk Activ

Aire Valley Glass supplies a range of self-cleaning and solar control glass products from both Pilkington and Saint Gobain Glass. Self cleaning glass is a new innovation that contains a transparent coating on the outside of the glass, which harnesses the power of both sun and rain to efficiently remove dirt and grime.

Exposure to the UV rays present in daylight triggers the decomposition of organic dirt and prevents mineral dirt from adhering to the surface of the glass. It also turns it “hydrophilic” meaning that when it rains the water sheets across the glass, without forming droplets, rinsing away the broken down dirty residues. Green Solar Control

Only a small amount of sunlight is required to activate the coating so the self-cleaning function will work even on cloudy days.  A simple rinse of water during dry spells will help keep windows clean.

Self Cleaning Solar Control Glass is a dual-function glass that provides both solar protection and a self-cleaning low-maintenance coating on the outside surface.  This unique glass combines two coatings so you can have the best of both worlds! The self cleaning coating harnesses UV light and rain to efficiently breakdown and rinse away dirty residues so your windows stay cleaner for longer. At the same time the solar control coating blocks up to 2/3 of heat by reflecting it to the outside therefore keeping the interior temperature cooler during sunny spells. Aire Valley Glass supplies this glass in three different colours; neutral, green and blue.


Patterned Glass

If you require a degree of privacy with your windows or doors, we offer several different types of patterned glass, each with its own level of obscurity. The brochure below lists the patterns we supply and their individual obscurity rating:

Patterned Glass Brochure

Leaded/Georgian Bar Windows

Choose from squared or diamond leaded designs, with the option of blackened & soldered lead to give a traditional, country look to your windows and doors. Combine this with one of our Country Colours Designs to make a distinctive feature for your home.

If Lead isn’t to your taste, mimic the wooden georgian bar windows of yesteryear with our surface-mounted Duplex Georgian Bar system for PVCu windows, which gives the appearance of lots of small panes of glass in your window, or alternatively go for a more contemporary look with georgian bars between the panes of your double glazed units.


Other products

We stock a wide range of different glass types, from 2mm greenhouse glass to 10mm toughened, as well as mirror and picture glass, laminated glass and various types of double glazed sealed units.

More advice on the quality and aesthetics of the glass we supply and install can be found on the GGF website, and their brochure can be found here – Quality of Vision